As part of your service, you probably devote a considerable amount of time to helping buyers secure insurance. As you know, this can be an extremely time consuming part of the car buying process.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be.

Our comparison tool is the fastest and easiest way to get your clients quotes from Travelers, Progressive, SafeCo, AllState, and more. Not only that, it will empower your clients to make better insurance decisions. The savings they find could even help them upgrade to the car they really want.

They’ll love it. You’ll love it.

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Here’s how it works.

  • Your client scans a QR code to complete a quick insurance application
  • Quotes are generated from top insurance carriers
  • A Bond insurance expert connects with your client to finalize the policy
  • We respect everyone’s privacy (No spam or calls without consent)

That’s not all.

It’s free for you and your clients to use and our unbiased insurance experts will periodically scan the market to make sure your clients are always paying the lowest price for car insurance.

Partnering with us could be the best decision you ever made.

We believe in helping you bring additional value to your clients. That starts with getting them into a car faster and ends with exceptional service and lower costs.

Putting people first is a philosophy our company was founded on. That’s why we don’t require any kind of commitment from you. There’s zero obligation when you agree to partner with us. We’re just here to help you improve your customer experience.

What you can expect.

A representative from our partner relations team will reach out to learn more about your business and tailor a plan to best complement it. We’ll set up tasteful informational materials in your dealership that will include the QR code for your customers to scan.

We’re looking forward to helping you improve your clients’ car buying experience.

It only takes a few minutes
to get on board.

Get on board in minutes.

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Have a question?

If there are no fees, how does Bond make money?

While there are no fees to use our service, we do earn a commission from the insurance companies we work with, but that has no effect on the price of your clients' policies

Will you sell my clients’ data and will they be contacted by other brokers?

No, their data is secure and will not be shared with anyone other than the carriers we work with. Our licensed insurance experts will only use it to help them purchase a policy from one of our partner carriers.

Why should I trust Bond?

We are a licensed insurance brokerage in 7 states. All of our insurance experts are licensed professionals. You can lookup Bond and our license status with The Department of Financial Services here.

How do I get paid?

To ensure security and compliance, you will submit your banking information via industry leading payment processor Stripe. Your banking information will never be shared with or visible to anyone at Bond.

How do I track my referrals and how often do I get paid?

When you sign up to be a Bond Referral Partner, we give you access to a portal where you can track the status of your referrals and payments. You can select your desired payment frequency during onboarding.

Will you provide me with marketing materials?

Yes. We’ve designed our marketing materials to stand out while still complementing the location they’re placed in. We use high-quality display cases, available to you at no cost.

Is Bond better than a local broker?

Yes. Like other brokers, we are directly partnered with the top insurance carriers, but it’s our technology that sets us apart. We’ve built a tool that enables consumers to quickly and easily compare insurance carrier rates.

Do I need to be involved in the transaction?

No, our insurance experts handle every aspect of the transaction. Once your client uses your QR code or affiliate link, we take care of the rest. When the policy is finalized we’ll send you over the necessary documents so the client can finish their purchase.

What if Bond can’t find the lowest rate?

We represent some of the top insurance carriers so we’re confident we can help your client secure the lowest price. In the event that our carriers are unable to offer the best price, we can send your clients to other great carriers like Geico, Statefarm, Farmers, and more. We’ll send your client a link that will prefill the majority of their application so they don’t need to start over from the beginning.

What if I have an in-house agent?

It’s not uncommon for a dealership to have an in-house agent and we support that. We’ll simply omit the carrier they represent from our results to make sure there’s no conflict. We’re all about providing your clients with as many options as possible so they can make the best possible decision.