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Buying a new home
is both exciting and challenging.

Take the challenge out of getting it insured.

Our dedicated insurance experts understand the ins and outs of purchasing a new home. We submit the paperwork required to satisfy lender requirements quickly and accurately. We’re also available to answer any questions you or your lender may have.

Thinking of

It’s a great time to review your insurance options.

Refinancing is all about lowering your monthly payment, so why not see if you can lower your insurance premium as well?

We’ll work with your mortgage lender to make the transition seamless and move quickly so that we don’t hold up the process. Most of our clients review their options and purchase a policy on the same day.

Shopping for
a lower rate?

You’ve come to the right place.

We’ll review your current coverage, deductibles, and add ons to find the right coverage at the lowest possible price. We’ll also check for savings on your watercraft, jewelry, auto, and pet insurance.

What homeowners insurance covers.

A basic policy covers interior damage, exterior damage, personal assets like furniture, clothing and electronics, and any injuries that occur on the property.

What it doesn’t cover.

Damage caused by a flood, earthquake, or routine wear and tear is not covered by a basic homeowners policy.

Some add-ons you might want to consider.

You may find some of this confusing. Not to worry. We’ll make sure you have all of the coverage you need and that you also understand every detail of your policy before committing to a purchase.

Art and collectibles, pet, auto, or watercraft insurance can be added to a basic homeowners policy.

If you live in a flood zone, your mortgage lender will require you to carry flood insurance. In areas where earthquakes are a concern, homeowners will want to add that coverage.

Add-ons also include sewer backup and equipment breakdown insurance. Many homeowners opt for umbrella insurance, which provides additional liability coverage.











Purchase with confidence.

While saving you money on your insurance is something we always strive to do, we’ll never let you purchase a policy that won’t be there for you when you need it. That’s why we only work with the top insurance carriers.

Have a question?

​​If there are no fees, how does Bond make money?

While there are no fees to use our service, we do earn a commission from the insurance companies we work with, but that has no effect on the price of your policy.

Will my insurance policy cost more if I go through you instead of the insurance carrier directly?

No, the cost to you will be the same. The only difference is in the service we provide – continuously monitoring carrier prices to make sure you always have the lowest rate.

Will you sell my data and will I be contacted by other brokers?

No, your data is secure and will not be shared with anyone other than the carriers we work with. Our licensed insurance experts will only use it to help you purchase a policy from one of our partner carriers.

When I need to make a payment, make a claim, or update my policy, who will help me?

We will. We’re not just here to sell you a policy. We’re here to help you in any way we can. That’s why a Bond insurance expert is always available to answer questions and help you with your policy.

Some of the carriers we work with also have 24/7 dedicated lines just for Bond clients.

What happens when it’s time to renew my policy?

Before your renewal date, we’ll shop the market to make sure you’re paying the lowest rate. If a better option is available, we’ll let you know and help you switch. If you’d like to stay with your current carrier, we’ll process your renewal and send you updated documents and ID cards.

Who collects payment for my policy?

The carrier charges your preferred payment method directly. You will never see a charge from us and we will not store your payment information.

Our carriers make it easy for you to pay your homeowners insurance. You can pay via credit, debit, or bank account. If your lender requires an escrow account for your insurance and taxes, a portion of your mortgage payment will be put into this account and your insurance premiums will be paid from there.

Most insurers give you the option of paying your premiums month-to-month, at a slightly inflated price, but you can get a solid discount when you pay for the year in advance.

We understand this type of insurance and will help you purchase your policy in the most convenient and cost-effective way.

Will the insurance carrier require an inspection?

As a new client, you will likely have to submit to an inspection of your home’s exterior. This is to make sure your property is accurately insured and also to identify any potential liability issues. For exterior inspections, you don’t have to be home, unless you live in a gated community or have limited access to the the backyard.

Sometimes, an interior inspection is required that the carrier will schedule. Some carriers offer a self inspection option. Just keep an eye on your email and mailbox for more detailed information from your carrier about inspection requirements.